Employee Growth. The Values-Oriented Personnel Management Method

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Currently, there is increasing discussion about well-being in the context of one’s personal and working life. Well-being describes the motivation of employees to work and to feel happy at work, which, in turn, facilitates employee growth, which leads to well-being, effective functioning and excellent work performance.

A manager’s challenge is to balance a company’s strategic goals and tasks with this employee growth. The goal of values-oriented personnel management is long-term employee mental well-being or the facilitation of employee growth. It is a scientifically based method. It has been calculated that a lack of respect for values costs much more than investment in values management. In this course, we will find out how to introduce values-oriented personnel management, what sort of processes assist in improving employee motivation, how to create a motivational program and more.

Aim of the course: to provide an opportunity to find out about an innovative and effective personnel management method for employee growth and for unleashing creative energy, which is based on the discovery of company employees’ values. Any company is capable of introducing this method.


  • Knowledge about mental well-being or employee growth
  • Knowledge about values and an understanding of the importance of a company’s employees’ values
  • The ability to introduce the values-oriented personnel management method
  • Initiative, examples and instruments which can already be used the following day    

Duration: 2 days, 6+3 hours

Working method: Lectures, an active and participatory form of working, activities include discussions and situation analyses, while the theoretical part is supplemented by examples and practical exercises  

The active involvement of participants is a precondition for a successful training process!

Target audience: personnel managers and specialists, managers and company directors, and those who are in charge of the day-to-day well-being of employees


  1. Foundations for employee growthMental well-being + employee values + the manager
  2. Mental well-being. How does it develop and what does it influence?
  3. Values. How are these developed?
  4. A manager’s role in employee growth and putting values into practice
  5. Values-oriented personnel managementPrinciples for its introduction, practice, examples and models
  6. Values management and practical solutions: benefits, some documents, determination of values and methods for putting them into practice (competencies, succession, remuneration, performance discussions, motivational programme and work safety)
  7. Promotion of mental well-being and practical solutions: the employee, as the foundational value of a company and the opposite, surveys and their creation, putting employees’ creative energy into practice each day.

Venue: TRIVIUMS training centre, Blaumaņa 11/13 - 12, IV, Riga

Participation fees include handouts, coffee breaks and lunch.

For company training, the programme can be adapted for the specifics and needs of the company.