How to Work Successfully in a Hybrid Model?

How to Work Successfully in a Hybrid Model?

At the start of the pandemic, many companies came into contact with a challenge - how to work remotely and how to do it effectively.  Now there is a new challenge – how to motivate employees to return to offices, as a large number of them have adapted to working remotely and have understood that doing work remotely is more productive and they feel better. Others are waiting impatiently for the green light to return to the office. And then there's the third lot – those who like to work from both their home, as well as the office.

Working remotely, or on site, have their pluses and minuses, but research, surveys and a variety of experience have shown that it is possible to work effectively both ways. We all know that we are different – what suits one does not suit another. For example, for one to be able to do their work, they need a buzz around them, while another needs the complete opposite – they need silence to be able to do their planned work. This diversity needs to be accepted and considered.

Today's manager must acquire and develop new skills to successfully manage a team’s hybrid model (remotely and on-site), to get work done, achieve business goals and have employees feeling good. 

Consieration  should also be given to the fact that nowadays employees, much more than before, are focused on growth and development. It is important for them to see the point of their work. That's why a real leader is also needed to ascertain each individual's potential and to help them realize it.

The role of today's manager has changed significantly. They have to change their thinking dramatically. The function of control and supervision has to be reduced, bringing to the forefront two-way communication and true listening, support for the team, directing the team together and each individually, inspiring and bringing them together. The manager is no longer superior, but is together with everyone else – humane, capable and interested.

We offer a body of diverse course programmes which will be useful for today's manager. In the courses, the manager will acquire knowledge and practical skills in how to communicate with the team, to support, inspire and create a feeling of safety. And, how to manage effectively in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) era. These are programmes where the manager will receive support and assistance for a more powerful team season in the VUCA era. 

Let's start with a practical series of masterclasses for today’s manager “The Diverse Faces of Leadership”This is a new and unique programme for today's managers, who are managing in the VUCA era. This series of master classes will take place from 14th-15th September. The master classes will be presented by 10 experts and practitioners of the highest level. Over these 2 days, you will acquire:

  • knowledge about the latest trends;
  • practical skills;
  • methods and tools for everyday use;
  • inspiration and energy for the new season;
  • networking experience.

We continue with the most demanded courses which will be useful for both the manager and the team.

Internationally recognized management consultant and presenter Jolanta Cihanoviča’s course programmes

Leadership development expert Olga Dzene’s course programmes 

Management consultant and presenter Reinis Upenieks’ course programme

  • Team Collaboration in a Hybrid model.

High level manager, internationally certified business, management and growth presenter Linda Saulīte’s course programme 

In addition to the courses, we ask you to check out useful content on the TRIVIUMS blog. 

If you are interested in other topics that are not on the list, contact us.  We will carefully evaluate your company's needs, develop individual solutions and provide support in the changes.

Together we can do more! By joining forces with several high-level experts and practitioners, we will provide support and help you to acquire everything necessary for a more powerful team season in the VUCA era.